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Monthly Archives: October 2013

A Change of Scenery to say the least!

Well it’s been nearly 3 months since my last post, but I have a good reason, honest!  In the past 3 months my other half graduated from his PhD and got a job which meant we had to move house and move fast.  In 6 weeks we put our own house up for sale, sold it within 30 hours of it going on the market, pack up and find a new place to move to.  So we’ve gone from living just outside of a city in Norfolk to fairly rural Oxfordshire, more specifically the Cotswolds.  No buses on a Sunday, that’s how rural it is!  We didn’t have time to find a place to buy, so we’re renting at the moment, which is quite a strange feeling.  Still it’s not exactly a bad place to be renting.  It’s one of those quite picturesque, typical Cotswold honey coloured stone cottages.  Apparently it used to be an off license which might explain al the broken glass in the soil in the garden.  We’ve got a fireplace with a real fire, not gas or electric, which is a marvellous novelty for myself as I’ve never had such a thing.  Less so for my other half who grew up with a coal fire.  And the new garden is 4 times the size of our last one!

Because of the speed at which we had to move I had to resign from my job in Norwich but within a couple of days of our being here, I did manage to pick up a job in the local café here.  It’s only two afternoons a week but it helps pay my bills.  We’ve been here about 6 weeks now and things are beginning to settle.  The cats didn’t run away, most of the boxes are unpacked, my other half is getting on well in his new job and my hair seems to have stopped falling out from the stress, although apparently I have been left with a few grey ones!  I’m still looking for work, which should be easier as unemployment is very low in this region of the country and London is also within reasonable commuting distance.

The best thing about living out in the country for me isn’t the fresh air or the country walks, but the night skies!   I’d never seen the Milky Way before, but on clear, moonless nights here it is impossible to miss so our amateur astronomy is even more enjoyable and rewarding.  I wish I could photograph it to share.

As you may be able to imagine, I haven’t had much time for crafting, cooking or learning Swedish, but I have managed to make a couple of things, including a knitted pair of socks!  As soon as I can track down my camera I shall update properly, but until then, it’s good to be back.