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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Knit Nordic Wristwarmers

My knitting habit certainly did well out of Christmas.  I received 9, yes 9 knitting books, 6 balls of yarn and a huge set of 20 wooden knitting needles!  One of the books I got was Knit Nordic by Eline Oftedal.  In it was a pattern for wrist warmers that I simply loved and had to start right away, on Boxing Day no less.  I knitted a practise one first because I’ve not done any colour knitting before and really needed to get used to holding two yarns at once.

Anyway, I finished them today and here they are, although I haven’t pressed them yet:

nordic 019


nordic1 001

There are a couple of mistakes I’m sure, probably around the thumb which I found quite tricky.

The book has lots of lovely patterns which I will try, although I might give the knitted hot pants a miss!

Next on the needles is a Fair Isle cushion by MillaMia which was another Christmas present.  It’s 3 balls of yarn along with the pattern presented in a lovely gift box.  Really looking forward to getting to grips with colour knitting, especially as my new year’s resolution was to really improve my knitting this year.  I hope to have knitted my own jumper by the end of the year.