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Giving Up the New in a New Year

Last new year I made a resolution to cut back on the number of newly made finished products I purchased and opt for handmade and secondhand instead.  It didn’t go too badly, but in order to achieve this I found I needed new things in order to produce handmade items in particular.  Over the course of that year I acquired most of the necessary tools, a sewing machine and a candle making kit, for example.  Now that I have these at my disposal, I feel I can renew this resolution in earnest and intend to use this blog to catalogue and record my efforts.  I’m not going to the extent of blowing glass for my own vase or building furniture, mostly because my home is already adequately furnished, but it does need finishing touches and it is these I want to create.  I’m also a baker, mostly of cakes, but this year I want to try producing most of my own bread.  To get the bread one truly desires is no easy task.  It’s a skill that takes time and effort to even approximate mastery and my own experiments have taught me that no two loaves are ever the same.

All in all I like to make all sorts of things and I hope to look back on this blog next new year with great pride.