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Learning to quilt and resurrecting an old friend

In January 2010 a magazine series was published on how to crochet.  I bought the first few copies and now I can crochet quite competently.  In January 2011 there was a series produced by the same publishers on how to knit, and after buying the first few, I realised that I am far too cack handed for knitting- it clearly requires some mystical skill which I simply do not possess.  This year, to my delight, it happens to be quilting, a skill which I admired for a long time if only because of the wonderful and striking effect it produces.  I love these magazine series, because you can just buy the first few which will give you enough tuition to then go off on your own.  I’ve never bought a complete series, simply because it would be far too expensive and you then end up making  a blanket or some such which comes to a total cost of roughly £140 if you bought the magazine every week until it finished.

So here I go again, a new year and a new skill to teach myself and best of all this one allows me to resurrect a long dormant and neglected friend-

My boyfriend bought this for my birthday last year and after a brief excited flurry of sewing some curtains (as seen on the right of the photo) the poor thing has been sat on the desk gathering dust which is a crying shame since it really is a very nifty machine.  So I’ve decided to use my sewing machine to do my quilting even though you can hand sew the patches.  My hand sewing is fit only for mending, at best.  I hope that alongside learning to quilt, my confidence with the sewing machine will increase.  I still don’t trust myself to thread the machine from memory so I had to dig out the instructions and I’m sure that someday, somehow I will break it. Thankfully it wasn’t today.

So after dutifully cutting out and pinning my fabric squares as per instructions, I nervously sat down and machine stitched them together – then realising that the printed fabric was upside down on one piece.  So after carefully unpicking it, I went over it again and success!  Huzzah!

And finally after sewing everything to everything else, I now have this-

It’s not perfect (the seams don’t meet perfectly in the middle), but I’m far from a perfectionist.  I’m just happy to have learnt something and produced something new.

Another upside to this type of weekly magazine is that I now can’t wait for the next one.  It’s important to always have something to look forward to and for some its their summer holiday and for me it’s my next quilt square.